School Life: Then vs Now (2023)


School life in the past was very different compared to today. Which is better? Past or present? [Titan Academy #57]
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Ah, just in the nick of time, I don't know how to do it.

So being almost on time, well, I kind of don't have a choice.

My mom sends me to school every day.

I just can't wait for this day to be over, hey, you're, almost late too.

What happened? I missed the only bus from my house.

So I ran all the way here.

You know, at least you live nearby.

My farm's located all the way in the countryside.

I have to navigate through seven different fields.

Just to be here.

How many times have I told you this is not where you hit your horse at the back of the school.

Let's go.


Go come on.

Mr, boomer one day, I'll, be the one shouting at the kids you'll see let's.


Do you really have to drive me to school? I could have just taken a bus with my friends.

Do you know how lucky you are back in my days I had to walk through muddy fields hike through mountains, travel the seven seas, just to get to school.

You should be grateful.

Your mother sends you to school every day.

My grandma said, she just sends you to school every day, fake news now go in.

I have to find a place to park the car before.

Mr, dan takes my parking spot.

Mr boomer when I see you up there, I will greet you with, hey, hmm.

Diana, can you take a tick? Tock? Yeah, sure go got.

It looks good.

I don't know what you're doing, but please do it again.

I choose you charizard your choice that is worth nothing against my blastoise.

Ah, here's.

Your choice, where's.

The cache.

Okay, pleasure doing piece of view.

Ah, I see that you have a charizard.

I remember when I used to play with this, wait, you can play with these.

Yeah, ready to go.


Go let's.

Go ready to go.

Yep, all right.


Go guys wanna go outside from some fresh air or maybe see the butterflies we can't it's, too sunny outside.

Yeah, besides we need to train speaking of training.

Guys, 5.5 all-star is happening right now on mobile legends, bang, bang and I'm, super excited to see the roster of the all-star matches.

Oh, will you be in the all-star match? Well, I really hope I can take part in that, oh and there'll also be a fun match among influencers, which will be live on the 7th of may, I think I stand a better chance to take it behind that.

Alright, let's get training.

Hey, where did you get that? Well, actually, my dad got this for my birthday.

Oh nice.

Anyone want to try me.

Maybe I want to listen.

I want n-sync guys guys, diana is that your ipad? Yeah, can I see it? Sure? Oh, my god guys, diana has the old ipad.

Okay, class, pay attention all right class.

Take out your notebooks and copy these notes down.

Can someone please go to the general office and get me a new set of markers? Okay, class take out your notebook and copy what I've written on the board like I always say to write is to remember the more you write.

The more you'll, remember, but miss city I'm, not done copying I'm only on the second line.

Then you should copy it faster.

All right class, make sure you take all these down.

This is very important for your upcoming test.


Now, why aren't you taking this down? Did you not hear me say, important, but I am mrs madam swing everything's right here.

What do you mean? It's? Right here, it's, right here.

I told you to write it down, yeah, but you wrote it down.

So I use this device to remember what you wrote down.

The only way you can remember is if you write it down, but you wrote it down, forget it.

Can you pass this susu? Dear subbing, I think you're really cool seriously, would you like to watch a movie with me after school today, I'll buy the snacks take here for yes.

Thank you for no, hey, james and sue banks sitting on a tree k-I-s-s-I-n-g.

I wanted to pass this note to you during class.

But since everyone's around, I decided positive after school, are you trying to embarrass me? Debbie? Everyone can see us here.

Anyway, get my number and q just texted me.

But I just want to hang out with you.

And and julian told me to tell you how I feel ben, you didn't tell us, you have a girlfriend.

Well, I never imagined ben to date.

A girl like this she's, not my girlfriend, you didn't have to do that do what ben if you're gonna be so mean to me, I'm, never talking to you again, yeah, whatever you say, I, um, I don't think we should do this.

What if I get pregnant that's, not how you get pregnant zooming.

I don't know, I just can't imagine myself being pregnant.


Scares me.

Well, okay, we'll take it slow.

Then, hey, I saw what you did back there.

It looked pretty cute.


Are you trying to hit on me? Is it obvious obvious and a bit direct same class? Ah, she's.

So into me, dude, you hit on a different goal.

Every single time I see you at this time it's true.

These are you.

Thank you.

Um I'm.

Gonna go get my stuff, hey, if you think you can get to bang before me, then you are heavily mistaken.

What I'm so sorry, I didn't know, but since when do you have a crush on subbing, hello, everyone has a course on super buddy.

But I was the first, and I intend to be the last so you better back off, or the schoolhouse are gonna be a little less safe for you.

If you catch my drift, what how is yours not melting? Well, actually, I did an experiment on how fast ice cream melts.

So there are a couple of factors.

And one of them is how you're holding the cone.

So this is transferring heat into the cream I'm holding it at its base.

So there's, no cream, hey, guys.

So what are we doing today? Um we're, just having some ice cream ice cream.

What a coincidence? I love ice cream.

What did you guys invite me? You see what kind of a thing? Now I think you guys are the thing we kind of are whatever so what's the plan guys here.

Let me take you to a secret place.

And then we can talk about what is that condensation condensation? No guys, it's, not a dynamic trio.

It's just me.

No, this is a dynamic 1-0, hey, vincent.

I got you some ice cream, one night beside a campfire and suddenly they're a thing.


Oh, hey, ready wanna go fast together? Are you gonna eat that? Thanks? Are you sure this is? Okay, it doesn't feel very right? Someone might see us.

It's all right? I've been here a thousand times before.

So no one will come here.

And no one will see us.

Not me city, not even walleter.


I trust you from now on.

This will be our spot trust me.

No one knows about this spot, maybe some ends but that's about it.

Yeah, it's.

Pretty nice, right? Um.

What are you two doing here? And why aren't you in class madam, surpeng? How did you know we were here? I was once a student I was once in love, you think you're, the only ones that know about this spot.

This is my spot.

So are you mad that we're sneaking out of class? Or are you mad that we're stealing your spot? Because if it's the spot we can always find somewhere else, or perhaps you could tell us beforehand which spot belongs to you.

So we can avoid such an awkward situation like this, or you could recommend us, which are the good spots.

So that maybe we can go upstairs, I'm, sorry, man, we'll, just head back to class now, or we could do that, or we could what was I thinking? Okay.

So for this question, the answer is 305., hey, nurse.

What are you doing studying look to start in my territory? You gotta pay the price so bring it out? Hey, you're gonna stop doing this.

Our friends won't have for the money so that we can have a decent lunch in school.

So no, we are not gonna give you our lunch money.

You are gonna have to buy on lunch.

Look, surely, you're, right.

Let me put the lunch money back in the bag, chili there's smoke coming out of your bag.

They put a fire cracker in my bag again, right? Yeah, that's probably it.

So tangent theta equals to half.

Therefore theta is the tangent inverse of half.

And it gives us 26.6 degrees.

Hey, nerds, what are you guys doing here? Huh? Studying, yes, actually, there's.

A big test coming up.

Well, you know, what if you haven't heard I'm the new boss around here? So go on hand over to lunch money, what's.

So funny lunch money, why don't you give us your lunch money? What that's not how it works? What for well we've been in this school longer than you? So this is our territory that means you should be handing over your lunch money.

But I don't even want to study here.

Well, you should because based on your previous track record you're all the way here at the red line, which is risk for failing, and you know what they do to people who fail here.

So if you want our notes, you better, give us your lunch.

Money, I'm, I'm, sorry, move along I'll email it to you a great time to be a nerd we're, not doing nuts.

We just study babies.

He got study buddies I'm, not even in it I'm just a bird it's, always you three get into trouble.

But miss city.

We were just just what no.

I do.

Not want to hear any excuses.

Failing is one thing, but forgery take out all your lessons pick up.

I should call paris and tell them about this, but mississippi.

If our parents find out, they spank us even more manchester thought about this earlier, stick out your hand, wait one, you can't do that at this damn age.

We could get you fired.

Okay, fine how about call your parents? My my my parents you can try I've been trying to call it for the past five years, then who hasn't been taking care of you my grandma, but she doesn't have a phone.

She thinks that phones make your brain explode.

You know, what I could do.

I can take away your phone, wait, what my phone? No, no, no, no, no, no I'm, a demon now.

And the mlb 515 is here.

I got to watch the fan match to support.

My favorite kiwi, elves, no, no, no.

I suggest that you spread me.

Right now.

Explain me explain me, but don't take away my phone here with this.

But never take away.

My phone smack me down, hey, guys.

Hope you enjoyed this episode and be sure to catch us on the 7th of may as some of your favorites from team.

Titan go head to head in the mobile legends, bang, bang, fun match, which is a part of the mlb 515 all-star event, I'll be there as a star manager.

And the winner of this match will get to compete on the international stage.

So be sure to tune in and cheer them on.

And thank you guys for watching subscribe watch our latest video and we'll see you in the next one bye.


Why is Debbie mad at Ben? ›

This episode marks the return of JianHao and Denise, now hanging out as a romantic couple. Debbie breaks up with Ben after feeling betrayed and heard the truth from the past episodes. Chloe and Crystal still remain friends after the events of the heist and their temporary face-off in NEW STUDENTS vs OLD STUDENTS.

Is Titan Academy a real school? ›

Titan Academy is a private fictional secondary school located in Titan Town, Singapore. It was first seen in "GOOD STUDENTS vs BAD STUDENTS" (S1E1). The school is known for being very prestigious, according to Sylvia Tan. The school, however, entered hard times thanks to the pandemic.

How old is Denise from Titan Academy? ›

Denise Soong Ee Lyn (born June 13, 1995) is the actress who plays Denise in the Titan Academy series.

How old is Jian Hao Tan? ›

Who does Debbie lose her virginity with? ›

Fourteen-year-old Debbie Gallagher lost her virginity to her ex-boyfriend, and she did it by date raping him.

What mental illness did Debbie have? ›

Abandonment Anxiety (Portrayed by Debbie Gallagher)

Spending her childhood in the Gallaghers' house, Debbie had to grow up quickly from an early age and make her own decisions.

What happened to Muthu Raja? ›

However, he is terminated from Titan Academy for being caught playing video games with some of his students. He serves as the main antagonist for the first half of Season One, and rarely mentioned antagonist in other episodes.

Who is JianHao's real sister? ›

Relatives. Kayley Tan is JianHao Tan's sister. She is an influencer and actress.

Why was cleverly expelled? ›

Cleverly is a former student of Class N4-T1 in Titan Academy. In the series, he created the game Class Rush. He is currently expelled after confronting the Organisation.

Why did Jasmine leave Titan Academy? ›

In 17 Types of Students During Exam Results (S4E16), she was expelled for having a bad score and partially due to her own fault because she originally had a passing score.

Why did Sierra leave Titan Academy? ›

Trivia. Sierra's last appearance in Season 2 was in "11 Types of Students During The Holidays" (S2E5), as her actress Sierra Bustos has left for New York to study Liberal Arts. However, the actress has stated on her Instagram that she is only leaving temporarily and has not left the company.

Why did Cheryl leave Titan Academy? ›

In The School Heist - Titan Academy: End of a Chapter, Cherylene manages to help her friends to get away with the heist by screaming "Miss Sherly" as loud as she can, and she succeeds but at the price of being blacklisted and permanently banned from Titan Academy.

Who is JianHao's wife? ›

Did Debbie get an STD? ›

Meanwhile, Debbie gets an STD test after her unprotected tryst with a gay man in last week's episode.

Who got Debbie pregnant? ›

Debbie goes on birth control and has sex with Derek, despite being advised against doing so within 48 hours; this ultimately results in Debbie becoming pregnant, to Fiona's dismay.

Why does Debbie cut herself? ›

A depressed Debbie cuts herself after being dumped by Matty (again), Carl deals with being made fun of at school for having a “cocaine baby brother,” and Ian's still drugged up and working at nightclubs.

How old was Debbie when she fell pregnant? ›

Toward the end of a recent episode of Showtime's Shameless, the ongoing saga of the perpetually down-and-out Gallagher family, Debbie Gallagher, 15, gave birth on the kitchen table of their family home.

What mental illness does Fiona have? ›

30 years ago, Fiona was diagnosed with bipolar after four years of untreated depression. Although now retired, she explains how she has self-managed her symptoms and has maintained a long, successful working life.

Why did Debbie amputate her toes? ›

A few jobs later, her foot gets crushed under a metal pipe during a work site raid. Without a legitimate job, Debbie is unable to obtain affordable medical care and decides to amputate her toes rather than undergo expensive surgery that would keep her out of work for months.

What does Muthu Raja mean? ›

The names Muthuraja and Muthuraiyar may be derived from two words, the Tamil name muthu meaning "pearl" and raja or raiyar both meaning "king".

Who was the leader of Muthurajas? ›

According to historian T. A. Gopinatha Rao, this chief was Perumbidigu Muthurayar II, who is styled as Kalavara Kalvan in this epigraph. According to historian Mahalingam, he fought along with Udayachandra, the Pallava general of Nandivarman II, in at least twelve battles against the Cheras and Pandyas.

How old is HP Muthu? ›

Ganesan Pechimuthu was born on Friday, 29 March 1985 (age 37 years; as of 2022) in Udangudi, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu.

What is Miss Sherly real name? ›

Class T1T5 Series: Titan Academy (TV Series 2018– ) - Sherly Devonne Ng as Miss Sherly - IMDb.

Who is Nicole in Titan Academy? ›

Spouse. Nicole Low is an actress who is best known for playing Nicole in the Titan Academy series.

What does t1t5 stand for? ›

JianHao Tan reveals the real meaning of Class T1-T5: 'T1-T' represents the first three letters of 'Titan'. '5' represents the first five original talents on Titan Digital Media.

Is Class Rush a real game? ›

Class Rush is an endless runner mobile game developed by Titan Digital Media. It is available on Android, iOS, iPadOS and macOS platforms.

Where is Diana Bakar from? ›

Gaming, entrepreneur, lifestyle. Singapore 🇸🇬

Did Jasmine leave Titan Academy? ›

According to her in an episode of Ladies first, she had originally studied at Temasek Polytechnic after completing her O Levels in 2011, but dropped out two years later, went to Millennia Institute and is now studying at National University of Singapore (NUS).

Who is the strictest teacher in Titan Academy? ›

During 12 EXCUSES Students Make to Escape Class, it is confirmed that Madam Soot Beng's real name is "Karen Soot Beng". After the release of Good Teachers vs. Bad Teachers, Madam Soot Beng suddenly became popular with the fandom due to her being portrayed as "strict, but caring and motherly".

Who is the shortest in Titan Academy? ›

Timmy is short in height, being one of the shortest students in his class.

Who is Debbie married to Titan Academy? ›

Debbie Soon is the wife of JianHao Tan, best known for her role as Debbie in the Titan Academy series.

Who is the villain in Titan Academy? ›

Alan is the overarching antagonist of the Singaporean web series Titan Academy.

What happened to Hamza Titan Academy? ›

He has yet to be seen ever since the Organisation makes themselves known to the Academy (thus being the only returning student after the pandemic never to be seen with the new uniform), so his status, relations with them and his relationship with Pei Shi afterwards becomes unknown and it's also presumed that like his ...

What happened to Mrs June Titan Academy? ›

Later in 13 Types of Students BACK TO SCHOOL, Trev reveals that Mr. Lakosh had eloped with Mrs. June, and both of them left Trev behind. Her picture on Tasha's conspiracy theories board being crossed confirms that she was let go of by Titan Academy.

Does JianHao Tan own Titan Academy? ›

Titan Digital Media is a company that was founded and is owned by JianHao Tan.

Is Titan Academy ending? ›

The School Heist - Titan Academy: End of a Chapter is the Season 4 finale episode, a 2022 Singaporean adventure, comedy heist short film from the Titan Academy series. It is the 20th episode in Season 4, and the 50th episode overall. The short film was released on 13 February 2022.

Is Debbie Colour blind? ›

Debbie is supposedly colorblind. However, it's possible that she could have a special form of colorblindness that only allows her to see certain colors, as she was able to tell that Vincent was orange in 13 Types of Among Us Players before announcing that she's colorblind.

Does JianHao love Denise? ›

Denise and JianHao have a strong friendship. They both have crushes on each other and don't attempt to hide it either. He is arguably her closest friend in the class, as he is one of the only students that does not bear any hostility towards her.

Who was Debbie dating? ›

Debbie was matched with 69-year-old Canadian man Tony via a mutual friend, and after they started an online romance, she met him in person in Las Vegas. Her son Colt didn't like that.

Are JianHao and Nicole actually siblings? ›

Nicole is JianHao's sister and partner in crime.

Are Nicole Low and JianHao siblings? ›

Nicole is also the sister of the same grade and age as JianHao; the two are often seen going to school and hanging out together.

Why is Debbie Soon so rich? ›

While most people sang praises for Debbie, saying its a sweet gesture from a wife to her husband, there are of course some naysayers: Others also pointed out that she makes her own money too, because she is a business owner herself: And hey, she managed to pleasantly surprise her husband.

Does JianHao Tan have a child? ›

Starley Tan is JianHao Tan and Debbie Soon's daughter.

Are Debbie and Denise sisters? ›

Denise Welch has a sister called Debbie Welch.

When did JianHao Tan get married? ›

Why did Debbie get herself pregnant? ›

Debbie goes on birth control and has sex with Derek, despite being advised against doing so within 48 hours; this ultimately results in Debbie becoming pregnant, to Fiona's dismay.

Why did Debbie lose her toes? ›

A few jobs later, her foot gets crushed under a metal pipe during a work site raid. Without a legitimate job, Debbie is unable to obtain affordable medical care and decides to amputate her toes rather than undergo expensive surgery that would keep her out of work for months.

How did Debbie get an STD? ›

Meanwhile, Debbie gets an STD test after her unprotected tryst with a gay man in last week's episode.

What happened to Debbie's baby after she dropped it? ›

Exhausted from Franny's all-night antics, though, Debbie falls asleep and the baby drops to the floor with a sickening thud. An uncomfortable amount of time passes before the story returns to Debbie, and we learn that Franny is — at least superficially — unscathed.

Who raises Debbie's baby? ›

In the end, the official grants Debbie continued custody of Franny provided she and her family don't terrorize the Delgado's again. The official also tells Tanya and Mrs. Delgado not to try to steal the baby again and grants them visitation rights, which they begrudgingly accept.

Why does Debbie wear a diaper? ›

Refusing to accept $3 less per hour than her male counterparts, Debbie gets smart. She constructs an adult sized diaper from Frannie's smaller ones so that she doesn't have to take a single trip to the portable toilet during her shift.

Did Debbie get her period? ›

In Hope Springs Paternal Debbie gets her period but doesn't know how to handle the issue with Fiona's behavior. She is also not pleased by Fiona invading her room and destroying things, while angrily cursing her out.

When did Debbie lose her toes? ›

Season 8: Debbie Has Frank Amputate Her Toes

This episode is cheekily called “A Gallagher Pedicure,” which references some serious gallows humor about how Debbie doesn't have the money to have her toes fixed after they were crushed in an accident.

Why did Frank call CPS? ›

Debbie, who has shown Frank much kindness and love, is enraged when Frank ignorantly breaks her art project and doesn't care; Debbie snaps and hits Frank with a blunt object. An enraged Frank anonymously calls CPS on his own family.

Did Debbie have a crush on Kelly? ›

Debbie develops an attraction to Kelly. During The Hobo Games, she congratulates Carl on his job and wishes him luck as she and Debbie hang out.

How old was Debbie when she gave birth? ›

Since Franny was born when Debbie was 15, and celebrates her fifth birthday when Shameless season 11 ends, it's possible to work out the ages of the Gallagher family at the start and end of Shameless using Franny's season 6 birth as a starting point.

When did Debbie get pregnant? ›

What series of Shameless does Debbie get pregnant? The Gallagher house may be taking in another occupant after Shameless' Season 6 opener. Yes, Debbie is officially preggers — a fact she lies about to Fiona, who is relieved to learn her sister isn't expecting.

Does Debbie sleep with Erica? ›

After an intoxicated Erica sleeps in the same bed as Debbie, Frank is convinced that the way to stay in the family's life is through Debbie sleeping with Erica. I wanted to talk about how gross it is that Frank is trying to pimp out his teenage daughter, but I really can't be surprised by Frank anymore.

What episode does Debbie steal a child? ›

Shameless, Season 1, Episode 4: A sad, lonely Debbie steals a little boy from a birthday party.

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