My Family Disowned Me Over A False Accusation And They Want To Be Back Together Now After Six Years. (2023)


My Family Disowned Me Over A False Accusation And They Want To Be Back Together Now After Six Years...
My Family Believed My Brother Who Framed Me For Cheating And Now Want To Reconcile After They Found Out The Truth...

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So this is a long story and English is not my first language.

Please bear with me.

These are all fake names.

I was married to my high school sweetheart Sarah.

We had four daughters, Jane, Tori, Brianna and Claire I, met Sarah when we were 14.

And we started dating right away.

My parents loved Sarah, and she became like the daughter, they never had I.

Remember, my father sitting me down and giving me advice, Sarah and I were dating for seven years at the time.

When we found out she was pregnant with Jane.

We were both over the moon got married soon after and went on to how our beautiful family.

The only problem was my brother Jack always had a crush on Sarah.

It kind of harmed my relationship with him, but I tried to let it go because he was my brother.

And because Sarah also knew and Henry assured me that she didn't have any feelings for him I.

Trusted my wife, my limit was when Jack found out about mine and Sarah's engagement.

And he confessed his love for her and tried to convince her to leave me.

She didn't and told me about it too at this point I was very mad at Jack and I was ready to kick his ass had stera asked me, not to I was ready to cut my brother out of my life.

It took Sarah and my parents to convince me not to I wish.

They hadn't convinced me to stay with him.

My marriage with Sarah was amazing.

We had like any other couple, our ups and our downs, but I wouldn't change anything about it.

We were a passionate couple who loved each other and their children more than anything mine.

And my brother's relationship improved after the incident and I, truly believed he had gotten over his crush on Sarah.

Little did I know that he didn't only still have a crush on Sarah.

But also was planning to break us up one day more than six years ago.

I had arrived home after a week away due to job reasons and found my daughters, my wife and my brother in the living room Sarah and my daughters were crying.

And when they saw me a started to scream at me, Sarah asked, how could you have done this to me when I asked what she meant she said, how could you be cheating when you have us? And what we have built over the years I was surprised that she had accused me of cheating.

Never in 25 years.

We had been together had I cheated on her I asked her.

What made her believe I had cheated on her? And she showed me some pictures and texts that proved I had cheated on her with a colleague I asked her where she got this proof from.

And my brother jumped in saying that this co-worker who also was friends with him had confessed to him and sent him the proof I started crying and begged Sarah to believe me I told her that this was Jack's doing.

She slapped me in the face and kicked me out before I left Jane and Tori called me all kinds of names.

The one thing which stung me and pained me the most was you are a disgrace to our family for a long time.

I tried to make Sarah.

And the girls see reason and to make them understand that I would never cheat.

But sadly, it was all in vain.

My parents disowned me.

And my dad said, if I was a man I would make the divorce easy before the end of the year 2016 me and Sarah were already divorced.

And my daughters didn't want to see me in the beginning of 2017 Sarah and Jack got married.

My daughter sent me a message saying that they hated me and didn't want anything to do with me and that they had a new father figure in their lives.

It was hard.

But with a lot of therapy I learned to move on I, always held on hope.

My family would find the truth, but I learned to live with the possibility that they never would five long and empty years went by without any contact with anyone from my family until a few days ago, I received a call from an unknown number.

When I picked up I said, hello, Host this and accurate sobs from the other side.

It was my mom.

She said, they were sorry and wanted to meet me.

I asked her why she wanted to see me now after so long.

And my mom said that my family had found out the truth.

But this was a matter to be discussed in person God.

The moment had finally come I was wrongly accused.

And now they knew it I couldn't be more relieved so I told my mom that when or if I felt ready to meet them, I would call her, but I didn't want to be contacted by anyone until or unless I conveyed, something back she told me she completely understood and that she missed me a lot.

We said, our goodbyes, but to be honest, I, still, don't know, what I should do a few people have asked me for an update.

So here it is.

I agreed to go see my family once so I arrived at my parents house on Saturday morning, I rang the door, and my mom opened it.

She started crying and hugged me.

It was a bit awkward for me to be honest.

My dad gave me a handshake and I got in then my mom started trying to make small talk.

She asked me how I was she then commented that I looked way better.

And that I had lost a lot of weight to which I replied when you're depressed.

You forget to eat I then asked them how they found out the truth.

My mom said that a week ago Jack was drunk and had an explosive argument with Sarah and said, something like I, didn't plan all this.

So I would take your Sarah, then forced him to confess Sarah.

And my daughters wanted to contact me.

But my mom said, it would be better if she just contacted me, I started laughing.

My dad was a little mad and asked me what's.

So funny I just said to him, my brother probably spent years trying to separate me and Sarah and blew it all up.

All he had to do was be quiet, and he could continue with his beautiful life.

I think he deserves thus for how you ruined my life and took my wife, but it's, not his fault completely.

My wife also wanted to be with him, which was pretty disgusting to me.

I then asked my parents if they could imagine how our lives would be if they especially Sarah had trusted me and given me a chance to sort out the mess jacket created now we're all living in regret.

My dad started crying.

It was the first time in 45 years of my life that I had seen my old man crying.

He started to apologize saying, he was an awful father, my mom Sarah.

And my daughters were all very sorry, I managed not to cry and I told them that I would love to reconcile.

But it would take time.

My mom asked me if she could give the green light to Sarah to contact me, I said, yes, they then asked more about my life as they wanted to know how I was doing I told them I was doing okay and had managed to pick up the pieces and move on.

They confirmed if I was still single I said, I had a few flings as I felt very lonely and would drink at local bars and ask women out, but nothing serious and was definitely single at the moment.

I don't know why? But they were relieved to know that overall.

The first meeting with them after six long years was better than I had expected.

The next day Sarah sent me a message and asked me if she could call me I replied, a few hours later that she could and not even five minutes later.

She called me.

She asked me how I was I told her that given the circumstances of these past few years, I couldn't, be worse, I decided not to tell her how much I had missed her voice because it would again, get awkward.

She wasn't my wife anymore, I asked how she and our daughters were she said that they are not so good after my brother, confessed Sarah.

And my daughters felt remorseful and had kicked my brother out I asked Sarah a few questions.

Why did she marry Jack so quickly? And how come she didn't believe me at all when I was being framed, she started crying.

She said that during and after our divorce, my brother had been her Rock Sarah said that they eventually started dating, and they got married because and I was shocked to hear this.

She got pregnant.

They had a son together.

He was four years old.

His name was Daniel I was a bit taken aback.

When I heard it I asked if she could repeat herself, and she did I told her that I needed some time and I, even warned her that the chances of us getting back together were slim and I didn't want her to have false hopes.

She cried a bit more after that, but said that she understood my situation, too I, don't think anyone could understand my situation at that moment.

She ended the conversation with a I love you while I just said, goodbye, I know, it should not matter that she had a kid with him.

She was dating him and was even married to him.

So this was bound to happen, but I felt intense jealousy towards them.

Even though she had kicked him out of his life.

Now he had nothing to lose when he broke us up.

In fact, he got what he wanted while I lost my beautiful family in the blink Kanai I, decided I would never get back with Sarah again.

My mom was the bridge of communication between me and my daughters, I messaged her that I wanted to meet my daughters in a public place.

And she recommended a park.

And we met yesterday when I got there, my daughters had already arrived.

I took a few seconds to process.

Sing them for the first time in more than half a decade and Jane hugged me tight.

She was crying and kept saying she was sorry and asked me, not to hate them.

I, never could they were my sweet daughters.

We'd hunt for a few minutes.

It seemed like she didn't want to let me go.

It took Claire to take Jane off me.

Tori asked me, how I was I looked at her for a few seconds.

I was still surprised to see how much she had grown in the last years, but I also kind of saw the last six years flashing through my eyes for a while after the divorce I used to look at pictures of me, Sarah and the girls together and remember the good old days and would start wondering if living was still worth it.

After a few seconds I told Tori I had gotten a pet cat.

I said that he was a great cat and my best friend.

And if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here speaking to her as soon as I said, this all my daughters started crying.

I was looking at them crying inside.

But somehow still able to maintain my composure.

They all said, they were sorry for not believing me and begged me to forgive them.

I told them, I, still, love them more than anything.

But it would take time for me to truly forgive them, and that they would have to show me by their actions.

And not their words how sorry they were I noticed Jane was wearing a ring.

So I asked her about it.

She told me she had gotten married to her longtime boyfriend.

Two years ago at this point I was about to burst into tears, knowing I had missed my daughter's wedding I instantly and almost instinctively asked her if he had walked her down the aisle.

And she quietly said, yes, I just couldn't.

Do it anymore? I started crying.

My heart out I had to sit down that awful stole everything I held dear and robbed me of one.

The moments I was longing the most for one of which was definitely walking.

My eldest daughter down.

The aisle I was ugly crying and I could tell Jane was sad as well I told her that I would get over it and not to worry about it.

She just hugged me again, silently we stayed like that for what seemed a long time after he broke off.

The hug Jane said, she was sorry.

Once again, I told my daughters that I needed a few days time and I would like to go on family therapy with them.

And they agreed me.

And my daughters were catching up on each other's lies.

And it felt good to have a normal conversation with them after so many years they excitedly told me about their wins and struggles and everything in between and I was soaking it all in they gave me their phone numbers.

We said, our goodbyes and I hugged every single one of them tightly for a long time.

Then we dispersed, my mom called me later that evening and thanked me for not breaking the girl's heart.

I said, I, never could they were my sweet children.

Then I asked her about Daniel.

Did he know about me? She said, he was too small to understand what happened a few years ago, but he was aware that he had an uncle who had to go away due to some reason.

My mom told me that Sarah has filed for divorce and is not going to allow Jack to have visitation rights and demand exorbedant alumni from dot him too.

She has proof of him breaking up her previous marriage so she's going to use that against him too if needed.

So all of this leads me back to where I was before.

My mom first called me when she did my first thoughts were those of worry and happiness and grief worry about how they all had been in my absence happiness that I would now be reunited with all those people whom I called mine and grief that I lost.

So many Precious Years with them because of my evil brother.

Now, when I learned the complete truth, I don't think I can be with Sarah again.

My parents tried to convince me into accepting her back into my life.

As if all this was some sort of game.

My daughters are also on their mom's side and keep advocating about her.

And how I should forgive her.

They live with my parents because they find stability here.

They've grown up in that house, they never liked their Uncle Jack.

Even after he became their dad.

A day later, I called Sarah and told her that she may not contact me ever again or I.

Would cut ties of my daughters too.

She was very hurt and begged me to take her back, but I just couldn't.

Do it I didn't want to be with her anymore.

She argued that I had wanted to get in touch with her before I found out about her pregnancy with Jack.

So what happened now I told her this exact thing wouldn't, let me accept her and I didn't want to live a life of adjustment and lies I couldn't, trust her anymore.

She is going to her parents house with Daniel.

She doesn't want to live alone as her daughters are at my parents house, I wish.

They hadn't contacted me I was moving on.

And they pulled me right back into all this mess.

My daughters have agreed to go for family counseling once a week.

And it is scheduled for next Tuesday I'm gonna focus on that I decided that if they try to advocate for their mom again.

So we can be one big, happy family again, I'm going to cut all ties with them too.


How do I get over being disowned by my family? ›

Surround Yourself With Supportive People

Some individuals may feel intense feelings of loneliness after being cut off by their family. It is very important to continue to surround yourself with people who support you and are there for you during this time.

What happens if your parents disown you? ›

Disownment may entail disinheritance, familial exile, or shunning, and often all three. A disowned child might no longer be welcome in their former family's home or be allowed to attend major family events or know about such events on social media.

Is it okay to disown your family? ›

Informally disowning a relative works fairly well as long as everyone involved is an adult. However, sometimes minors want to disown their parents or other guardians because of violence, abuse or other toxic behaviors. In these cases, the minor must pursue emancipation.

How do I reconnect with family after estrangement? ›

Ways to Reach Out to Estranged Family Members
  1. Get support and gain an understanding of the process. ...
  2. Start simple. ...
  3. Write down your feelings. ...
  4. Don't feed the anger. ...
  5. Listen without being defensive. ...
  6. Be self-aware moving forward. ...
  7. Set boundaries and abide by them. ...
  8. Go to therapy individually and together.
Dec 21, 2022

Why do families exclude members? ›

Sometimes it is a matter of manipulation; one of the parents or siblings learns that they can make themselves feel more important or powerful by diminishing or excluding a member of the family, all to make themselves feel more on the inside, and therefore more central.

What to do when your family turns against you? ›

What to do when your family turns against you: 10 important tips
  1. 2) Try to be the bigger person and communicate with your family. ...
  2. 3) Don't accept disrespect. ...
  3. 4) Set strong boundaries. ...
  4. 5) Break the cycle of toxicity (be the change you want to see!) ...
  5. 6) Get clear on how you're feeling. ...
  6. 7) Don't make the situation worse.

What are the effects of estrangement? ›

The rejected parties suffer adverse psychological consequences such as loneliness, low self-esteem, aggression, and depression. Family estrangement activates the grief response, this is because people who have experienced this often see it as a loss they were not prepared for and happened unexpectedly.

Why does estrangement hurt so much? ›

The human bonding that occurred over years of childhood makes us feel deeply insecure about the loss. It's one main reason why estrangement matters so much to so many people. The Pain of Rejection. Research shows that losses involving social rejection have especially damaging effects.

How long should you let a relative stay with you? ›

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer has a practice specializing in marriage and family counseling based in New York City. He maintains that the ideal amount of time for a stay is "three days and two nights. Anything over a week will be too exhausting and stressful for everyone — host and guest.

When should you walk away from a toxic family? ›

It is time to terminate a relationship when the only contact you have with them is negative. The contact you have with them serves to bring you down, put you down and/or make you feel you are not good enough, or you haven't done enough for them.

How do you know if someone actually hates you? ›

Here are seven symptoms that someone secretly despises you.
  • Their body language is not open. ...
  • They avoid eye contact with you. ...
  • Intense eye contact. ...
  • They are Fake conversing with you. ...
  • They don't mimic. ...
  • They are to the point, and don't tend to talk further. ...
  • They don't get in touch, or stay in touch.
Aug 24, 2022

Did I grow up in a toxic household? ›

Feelings of extreme anxiety, low self-esteem, worthlessness, difficulty trusting others, maintaining close relationships, or feeling worn out after a visit with your family are all signs you grew up in a toxic family.

What are signs of a bad family? ›

Is Your Family Toxic?
  • They make cruelly critical remarks. ...
  • They give you the silent treatment. ...
  • They lie—or deny. ...
  • They generalize during disagreements. ...
  • They sow conflict with other family members. ...
  • They change the subject to turn the tables on you. ...
  • They make you feel bad about feeling bad. ...
  • They move the goal posts.
Oct 6, 2021

What is the pain of family estrangement? ›

Estranged family members may experience significant distress, whether they initiated the cutoff or not. Their overall psychological well-being may be reduced, and they may experience feelings of grief. ⁷ Some psychologists treat estrangement as a form of ambiguous loss, because the other person is still living.

What is it called when someone disowns their family? ›

Family estrangement or disownment is a complicated process. Each person in our community has their own unique set of reasons for cutting contact or experiencing rejection from a family unit.

How do I move on from sibling estrangement? ›

Acknowledging this reality is an essential step in learning to live with the estrangement. It also can help to talk to a counselor or therapist to help you process and come to terms with the loss of the relationship. “The main thing is to have some resolution so you don't have regrets or resentment,” Blake says.

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