I Have A Crush On My COUSIN. Is That Bad? | #AskGrazy (2023)


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Hey, guys, welcome back to ask crazy, where you guys ask me anything you want I have my email down below ask crazy at gmail.com and I'm sitting here with the audience we're going to be answering your life concern all right.

So today, I want you to do a little bit of a podcast style.

So I have my mic also thought I would do more of a sleepover style today.

So I'm gonna be doing my skincare night, skincare.

So I got my robe on I got my cute little, fluffy headbands on so I have my fridge here today, with all my skincare because I've been into natural skincare.

These days I also have my all-natural.

Vitamin C serum.

Here also I have my mask here that I put in my fridge, all right.

So the first concern we have when I've got this mail, I, don't know, if I could really answer this because it's a pretty hardcore hardcore question that we have today.

So hi, my name is e and I'm writing this to you today.

So I am from Vietnam and I'm currently studying in Singapore I recently, went back to my country during a holiday and met my cousin.

He is my second cousin because my grandfather had two wives I'm from the first grandmother.

While my cousin is from the second grandmother, my cousin and I, we rarely meet.

And when we do, we don't interact much.

However, the last time I went back, we see each other every day and interacted a lot.

Hence, my feelings for him grew he's.

Your cousin girl, he's.

Your cousin I knew I was falling for him.

I think he feels the same way, too Oh cousin, I feel the same way it's.

Okay, however, none of us talk about our feelings, I know that this is not right to fall for my cousin.

Because if my family know, I will be deep trouble ever since I came back to Singapore I.

Think about it every day and I, don't know how I should deal with my feelings.

Oh, it would be great.

If you can share with me some advices on how you should deal with the situation.

This should I forget about it or tell my cousin about my feelings that's.

All you guys.

This is going to be a little bit.

You know, like hard to answer.


So II never shared with us.

How old she is probably I'm gonna guess the she's around she's, at least older sixteen, okay, I don't think she's older than like, 21 or anything.

Okay? But at least it's, not first cause first of all, if it was first cousin I'll be like who no.

But second cousin, you guys are still technically related through your grandfather.

Maybe some of you guys audience that you guys are watching.

Maybe you had something similar where you did kind of had a crush on a relative, obviously, not like close close relatives, like your brother or sister.

Well, I, don't know, I don't even want to talk about that.

But you know a close relative that you thought, Wow like he might be cute, or she might be cute and I'm, not hundred percent a expert at this.

But I did hear that when you do grow apart from me, a relative or your family.

And then you guys meet when you're older, it is actually pretty natural to grow of mixed feelings.

You know, what? I mean she did say that this time that she met her around, they interacted a lot and their feelings grew and I think that he even has these kind of feelings for her.

So I'm guessing that they did something that made each other grow.

This feelings, I, don't know, if they held hands I'm, not sure if they went to watch the movies, just really, or they even kissed I, don't know, but I don't think they did because if they did kiss, they wish she would have told me on this thing right now.

It's, just that level, one where they just have feelings for each other I, personally, don't want to judge other people because their feelings might work different than I personally do.

And that you my hopes watching might do I personally, if this was me, I'm in her shoes, I would not fall for my second cousin, just because we're still blood related I.

Do still feel like you guys are bonded by family.

And unless this feeling was so strong, where you guys like can't, even sleep, I would reduce it I would try to think that there's I mean, girl, there's, millions of men's out there there's a lot of people out there.

You don't have to fall for this person and I'm sure, maybe once you get a boyfriend and you have different lots of experiences in your life.

This will be like a little thing that will happen long time ago like I said, I feel like this feeling could be just a little bit of confusion at the moment, there's, an update police.

Let us know and you audience that are listening right now.

Police give e, an advice what you guys would do, or if you guys have any similar experiences to this, then I mean, like let us know is a time for a toner today.

I'm gonna be using the milk brightening toner by secret key.

This one I really like because I could make it into a mask.

So let me show you guys isn't, really what this pad, though with the toner, the pad is really soaking wet right now and all I'm going to do is split this.

Or if you guys just want to really make the makeup go onto your skin, really well, this works so great.

And you don't have to like take out a whole mask and put it into your face.

Alright? So the next submission is by N, and we have from n.

So M say and I am 18 years old it's been a long time since I found out my father is cheating on my mother.

But what surprises me the most is my mother is also cheating on him.

What should I do? Or as my mom found out a sex in my dad's phone that says, let's meet in the train station, followed with multiple cars and another message, where are you are you not picking up and things like that? Mom could angry and come to show me the messages.

Okay, after that.

The two of them had a big fight.

They were shouting.

My dad, of course, denied everything.

But mom didn't believe him after that day, they always fight about everything and dad makes it worse by him saying to mom, if you don't want to take care of the children, I can bring someone who can, oh, my god that would really hurt damn one day I was playing with my phone, but I couldn't find my earphone.

So I decided to get my mom's that's.

When I saw her phone on the table and I was like cool.

Take some photos with it.

Okay, I've.

Never done that before when I opened it I saw conversation, but seeing my mom and someone that said, a guy, where are you are you mom, yes, alone.

You can come if you want that guy.

Okay, coming can't.

Wait I was devastated at an E for days.

I lost a lot of hair and I kind of stamping at home.

So spent days out until bedtime the situation is still going on.

What should I do the situation hardcore again, I need some lip.


I love us.

Honey, yellow, lip oil.

It keeps my lips really hydrated.

Number one that I get out of this story is I cannot believe how I mean, no offense, no offense, and but like I feel like your parents are being a little bit immature.

Even if it was me, I wouldn't really tell my daughter like what's going on straight to our face or let my kids know like the messages that your father's been sending look at how bad of a person.

He is I don't want my kiss to be involved in something like this, where I don't want them to have an effect on this negative situation.

So the fact that you know, your father is yelling to your mom in front of you eat the kids, you know, I just feel like it's a little bit immature kind of fighting that's coming on.

So that the fact that you're stuck in the middle of it, I feel so bad for you when I see, it feels like your parents might be trying to hurt each other intentionally, just to kind of get back at each other, because you know your father's cheating.

So your mom's like okay, you know.

But at the end of the day, I really don't have blame them living in the same house for like 18, plus years, I mean, they're probably sick of each other.

And that is totally normal and fine.

Because there are people who get sick of each other when you're living with them 24/7 for years at a time you don't have to like and live and love someone for the rest of your life.

I mean, people change all the time.

Well, the fact that our parents can live in the same house for like years years at the time, even if we hate each other I mean, we first have to give them an applause, I also, can't blame your mother for also going out and cheating, just because I'm sure she felt super bad about herself.

Maybe she didn't feel like a woman.

Maybe after all this year, she wanted to find someone that really loved her and saw her as a beautiful woman.

Instead of just a housewife.

So honestly, I mean, maybe this is the way that they're coping with their separation, or you know, just a little bit of a parade time.

Our parents are not perfect, although I feel like our parents are Superman and superwoman they're, not perfect that humans and they're growing in their own life as well I think a lot of people and underestimate separation and breakups.

But honestly in life you're meant to meet each other.

The great time, learn things about each other and then move on past your life.

Go your own ways, especially as kids, you feel the person's emotions, even more, because when your kid your intuition is a lot brighter.

So it is so bad to have toxic parents do something like this in front of the kids.

So let me just say, thank god.

Girl you're at the age where you could at least do whatever you want you're, an adult now slowly get a job.

A part-time job go outside explore the world.

Don't always sit at home, earn some money and one day, maybe a year or two later, move out and do your own thing.

So you don't have to be stuck in a household.

All right.

Thank you.

And for sharing your story I'm going to be using it.

This serum.

This is one of my favorite serums that I've discovered recently.

This is my T me.

And this is the vitamin C hibiscus of flowers and tea infused serum.

This is great because it does not have artificial coloring preservatives or even artificial fragrance, but which I don't like fragrances a lot because I just get nauseous when I have certain fragrances.

This is packed with a vitamin C because it's tea infused.

And you guys know, I, love, hibiscus flower tea.

This kiss is the main flower for Korea is the symbol flower of Korea.

So you know that I like that body needs a lot of vitamin C's to produce collagen as well.

Collagen production is stimulated by vitamin C.

So the last submission that we have today Anna says, I am 16 year old Jamaican girl who suffers from a few medical conditions, a student at one of the top all-girl high school in the county, miss six months of school in 2017 and even more months in 2018 I am still in the uh neuro.

This year was even worse, I, wasn't able to complete grade.

10 I was still promoted to grade 11, an account on my previous grades and behaviors, but I wasn't, even able to attend the first day.

The last time I saw my friends was my sweet, 16 I, miss them and I, miss going to school I have coping mechanisms.

And they aren't working as well as they used to mother's worried about my mental and emotional states, I want to come for her and have tried, but it doesn't work.

Well, because she knows that I am starting to lose hope and that I feel depressed I just want to make my mom feel better.

Even if it's just for a little while one of my condition is fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia.

Okay, I don't know, if I'm saying that right so on top of causing pain, it increases my pain sensitivity to about five times out of a healthy adult.

And because of that people can't hug me or touch me, I also have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which causes joint pain and can potentially cause joint damage.

My conditions cannot be cure.

It I have a separate condition that affects my sleep called upper air.

Resistance syndrome.

I periodically, stop breathing while I sleep.

I have a machine, but I haven't been able to use it lady because I start to feel extreme pain.

I cannot stand or walk for long periods of time.

I cannot take stairs while falling asleep.

And staying asleep people can't touch me, I, can't, wear clothes made of some materials because they might burn my skin.

A final effect is due to deterioration of my physical health.

My mental health has also been affected.

But when I was 13 I, remember I was a very sick at one point because I had appendicitis.

And this appendicitis went really bad.

I ended up going to the hospital.

Two weeks later after my appendix bursts in my body.

So I, remember I had a lot of pus and infections all over my body.

And if I was only a day or two late that infections could have gone to my heart and I would have died, because of that I had multiple surgeries, I, remember, I skipped school for the longest time like I hated being in the hospital room, I, couldn't do anything it was times before ye had iPhones.

It really made me realize at a very young age, how precious life is and you guys, you could be sick and be gone in the next two weeks.

You never know, what's gonna happen in life.

No matter what's going on in your life to always stick to being happy and positive and always trying to change a little bit about the world.

So, and you want that it's even living with a condition, of course, I cannot even compare to what you guys are going through.

But your mental health is the number one thing that will keep everything going in your body.

So always keep a healthy mind.

A healthy mental state might a hobby find something that you that will keep you happy, rather that's food, rather that's going now or then that's meeting your friends, I also think it's all about who you're surrounded with you need to surround yourself with good friends, surround yourself with good family, that's, supportive, you know, there are so many mysteries in life.

I, don't know, why I have my life and other people have their own life.

I mean, everybody's journey is so unique and so different.

And you are blessed with things that I don't have and the next person don't have or still, you know, and you have so much to look forward in life and never let anything get in your way, Briana you're so strong for being able to cope with, you know, all the conditions that you have I, honestly don't think the conditions ever defy someone you're still you.

You still have your personalities.

Your likes and dislikes, you know, maybe physically, it might be a disability ting.

But you know, what's inside of you, no condition.

No sickness will ever change that for you guys that are watched any of you guys have any great messages.

Maybe you guys deal with the same conditioners or no any family members, friends who have disabilities and conditions in their life that does limits or things I would love for you guys to leave a great message down in the comments below so Bree and I could read it and get some really positive energy today.

So you guys, remember, if you guys have any questions for me and considers email me at us crazy at gmail.com, remember you guys, if you guys are losing a little bit vitamin C in your skin at like me that I've been doing recently, remember to check out team Evite's, see for the T in fees to Sarah like this video, subscribe and hit the notification bell because I reply to all my early birds.

Thank you.



I Have A Crush On My COUSIN. Is That Bad? | #AskGrazy? ›

Remember having a crush on your cousin doesn't make you a bad person or freak. It happens at a stage when teenagers start developing feelings for the opposite sex and if you are happy being close to your cousin, it is okay! You don't need to react to this relation but start feeling it and remember these things….

Is it normal to crush on your cousin? ›

The phenomenon is called genetic sexual attraction (GSA), and some researchers believe it's related to what's called imprinting, or a child's normal response to the face of the parent or caretaker of the opposite sex.

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Although some communities do allow marriages between cousins, it is difficult for most to imagine a romantic relationship between first cousins as they are considered siblings. However, there have been cases where romantic feelings creep in inspite of being aware of the complications.

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This is more common than most people think. Cousins share a lot of traits, by and large, and it's quite common that, if people meet their cousins when they are older rather than growing up with them, they end up being attracted to them.

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Yes! It could even possibly lead to more than just kissing assuming you both share the same feelings :) Of course it's OK to kiss your cousin… or anybody else's cousin for that matter…

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While there's sometimes stigma associated with dating within families, anyone can date their first cousin.

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Dear Cousin: If your grandmothers were sisters, that makes you second cousins. We see no harm in dating your second cousin. It is not against the law, and we assume you are not planning on having children together, so there is no genetic prohibition. Our Biblical ancestors were often married cousins.

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In short, yes, it is legal for second and third cousins to marry in the US.

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Not that weird - you are family. If you don't often express your love it might feel strange and/or awkward at first. But you can get past that and there's a good chance you'll be glad you made the change. If you keep telling your cousin you love them it will turn into something normal and not feel weird.

Is it ok to like your girl cousin? ›

Khurki would say it's perfectly normal. Remember having a crush on your cousin doesn't make you a bad person or freak. It happens at a stage when teenagers start developing feelings for the opposite sex and if you are happy being close to your cousin, it is okay!

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It is not weird to be attracted to your cousin. Cousins are not like siblings but often share certain traits, likes and dislikes with us. So it's easy to get a crush on a cousin when you are a kid or teenager.

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Its quite natural to get attracted to opposite sex, even if they happen to be our cousins. Keeping legal and social aspect aside, there's nothing wrong in being attracted to cousins as such.

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If by “cuddle”, you mean friendly touches and hugs, then it's completely fine. Non-sexual touches between family members can be good and give each other comfort. But if you mean that you want to “take things further”, then no.

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A kiss on the forehead is something that you can receive from anyone, such as your grandparents, parents, friends, and cousins. It indicates emotional closeness and deep bonding.

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California. In California, first cousins are allowed to marry, and they are also allowed to have sexual relations and cohabitate. First cousins once-removed, half-cousins and cousins through adoption are also allowed to marry.

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In the United States, second cousins are legally allowed to marry in every state. However, marriage between first cousins is legal in only about half of the American states.

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