Cousin's Angry Cos I Refused To Come Back To His Company To Save It After He Fired Me Years Ago AITA (2023)


Back story, my uncle recently retired and gave a medium sized business to my cousin. The first thing he did was not renewing my contract in the company, and gave new positions to his friends and immediate family. I was mad about why I didn't get a new contract, even when I managed to hit my key performance indicator all the time, while his friends and immediate family didn't even hit their KPI most of the time. He just said that things are changing with him in-charge, and that sadly my services is no longer needed.

I was pissed but accepted my fate, and I begin to search for a new job. A competitor company took interest of me and hired me. I join the company as the pay is good, and I have been working for that company for 2 years and I managed to gain 2 positions up, and beginning to be more involved with managerial roles.

Story 1:
AITA for refusing to go back to the "family" business after they kicked me ?
Story 2:
AITA for refusing to refund my parents after they spent over 2K to come to my wedding?
Story 3:
AITA for telling my mother in-law if she gives a photo as a housewarming gift it will be returned?
Story 4:
AITA for flipping out over expensive dog food?

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Am I the a hall for refusing to go back to the family business after they kicked me out backstory, my uncle recently retired and gave a medium-sized business to my cousin.

The first thing he did was not renewing my contract in the company and gave new positions to his friend's, immediate family.

I was mad about why I didn't get a new contract, even when I managed to hit my key performance indicator, all the time while his friend's, immediate family, didn't, even hit their kpi.

Most of the time.

He just said that things are changing with him in charge that.

Sadly, my services are no longer needed.

I was pissed but accepted my fate.

And I began to search for a new job.

A competitor company took interest with me and hired me.

I joined the company as the pay is good.

And I have been working for the company for two years.

And I managed to gain two positions up and beginning to be more involved with managerial roles.

My cousin's company, didn't do well.

And during a family reunion, he asked me to come back as he needs people like me to save the company.

I refused and it causes some family fighting.

As some said, I don't care about family only care about money.

I replied with what's stopping him from kicking me out again.

When the company is back on its feet.

Sadly, that causes more conflict and fighting.

Now, my family cousins, family is fractured.

Because of this am I the a-half for not helping my cousin's company after it kicked me out in the first place now for the top comments, not stay home.

They kicked you out when things were going.

Well it now wants you to help when things aren't anymore, you're entirely right to assume he would do it again.

If you helped him fix things at the company, people put too much stock in forgiving family, no matter what sometimes families consist of a halls like your cousin.

And you are under no obligation to help him.

Screw you over again.

Not today home.

I'm gonna be blunt here.

What you describe is a group of leeches, not family, screw them as they will.

Screw in a heartbeat when they get back on their feet, did they yell at him for not caring about family and only caring about money when he fired you? No, then they don't have a leg to stand on.

You say, I didn't hear you yelling at him when he fired me and didn't care about family only money.

So obviously I'm not family.

So why would I go and bail him out next time? You are so worried about family treating each other with value.

You better look at all the family and treat them.


Not today home.

We have a job that is working well for you right now, you're, not under any obligation to leave that job to take a job because it's family, where was the outrage when you were, let go take care of yourself if you don't feel it's worth leaving your current job, then don't, plus when the cousin totally tanks, the business, and it goes through a bankruptcy sale of assets, perhaps hope you should consider buying it up for pennies on a dollar, then do a successful reboot of the business, not today home and don't.

You dare go back there cousin just wants to use you.

He doesn't give a damn about you.

How the hell is god complain that you don't care about family.

He didn't care about family much when he fired you did he screw that guy, not today home, also, what was his answer for what stopping him from kicking you out again that a family was so important? Why were you let go? He said something along the lines of my position is no longer relevant as they are, not focusing on that part of the business anymore.

When he kicked me out then during the reunion, he said that it's not fair for him to make promises of not kicking me out as business changes.

And he gives some examples that he also needs to kick some of his longtime friends because of company restructuring so it's, not fair to give preferences to family members.

The guarantee of not kicking me out again, thinking about it it's all more like bad management from his part, rather than employees, not performing.


Next story is titled.


I the hull for refusing to refund, my parents after they spent over 2 000 to come to my wedding 525 female never been in good terms with my parents.

Since my mother, 45 female has a princess complex that my father 50 male has no trouble condoning ever since.

I was a child.

I had to make my happy moments about my mother because she gave me the gift of life.

I had to get her presents on my birthday, my graduations, my most amazing moments in life.

And when my college letter came, my father congratulated, my mother instead of me and took her to celebrate.

He showered her with gifts for the accomplishments I did.

And I only got a good job baby every single time, not only that my mother was obsessed with the man.

I dated she's young looking it has taken care of herself all these years.

This has caused people to believe that we're sisters, instead of mother daughter and can't stand that anyone prefers me over her.

Some of my boyfriends had broken up with me since they realized they were in love with my mother.

I don't even know if she had cheated on my father with them or what.

And at this point, I don't care when I left for college, I once low contact and just did bare minimum.

So they kept paying for my expenses.

I know, horrible, but meh at some point I met my now husband alan 26 mail.

And at first I was reluctant to introduce him to my parents.

Since I thought I knew how it was all gonna end took me two years to finally take him home.

And I don't know, if it was all the things I told him about them or just luck, but ella never gave her a second look ended the bare minimum too, obviously, this pissed my mother off.

And when I was 24 after ellen proposed to me, I want no contact with them after a fight because ellen had the audacity to not get her something in a day so special for her planning.

The wedding made me sad.

It made me realize that all these years I waited for them to change.

And as naive as I was, I thought that my wedding could be the last chance I called them a few months before told them that I would love if my father walked me down the altar and even offered to pay for their flights here at all of their expense, but I'll just ask them to please, please send me a photo of their outfits before they came, because I knew how my mother was.

They fought at first calling me disrespectful and all of that, but ended up accepting.

They did it and mom had a blue, slash purplish dress.

Nothing weird.

So I said, yes, but when they arrived, she was wearing a long, white dress, very brightly, looking.

And I just couldn't.

I asked them to leave, but after all and threatened them to call the police.

They did after the party.

They sent me the receipt to their flights, my mother's dress and the hotel.

I just replied with an fu and told them that since they've tricked me into thinking that my mother had another dress, then I wouldn't be paying them back, not stay home.

Your parents are just creepy.

Weird af by having your mother own every single accomplishment of your life sounds like a complete mind skirt to deal with so absolutely nothing wrong with what you did when they tried to pull that crazy gas lighting on your wedding day, congrats on all your accomplishments that you earned.

And in finding a partner that treats you right, not today home, your mom must have some low self-esteem to try and attach herself to all of your accomplishments.

Great job in putting her in her place when she showed up wearing white at your wedding wait until you have kids, she will probably want a push present.

Once you give birth it's called a glamour shower, where the grandma has a party and acts like she's, one giving birth and gets baby gifts, not stay home.

It sounds like your mother is a narcissist and your father isn't, a neighbor it's sad.

I would stay no contact for them.

And there are a few subreddits for narcissistic parents.

Good luck.

Also you might want to go to some therapy to get to a good place about your relationship or lack thereof with your parents opie offered to pay for their plane trip if they came to the wedding, but you didn't agree to them trying to upstage her at your wedding also the hotel address weren't, even in the original deal, not stay home.

You made your expectations clear.

Your mother chose to violate the most basic etiquette rule of weddings, and she deserved to miss out seriously, even a person living under a freaking rock knows not to wear white as a wedding guest.

Hopefully your wedding was still a good day and a good memory for you not today home.

No mother in her right mind would show up to their daughter's wedding a white bridal, looking dress.

That is your day.

Andrew did the old bait and switch, figuring on turning it into her day.

No just no, not sure what parents expect to be provided reimbursement to attended offspring's wedding anyway.

But if your dad can afford to get her nice gifts for everyone, else's accomplishments certainly can't afford fair.

I would have done the same next story.

Am I the a-hall for telling my mother-in-law, if she gives a photo as a housewarming gift, it will be returned.

My husband, and I are throwing a small housewarming party to celebrate buying our family home.

There is a small problem that I want to know from the a-hole over my husband's.

Parents are divorced and remarried with step families.

My husband is the youngest of three boys.

And all three of them had a hard time with a divorce and remember their childhood before the divorce fondly, my in-laws don't, of course, what happened is my husband, and I had some childhood photos up in our home.

The two he put up her firm before the divorce back when he was the happiest edward felt like his family was his family.

And he wasn't part of a broken family, almost 20 years later, the three of them still feel like they have a broken family.

Instead of a bigger family.

There are some from after the divorce too.

But you don't really see them as easily as the big ones on the wall.

It bothers both of them.

But my mother-in-law has been especially pushy about getting a big photo from her happiest time, which married her current husband, and she has tried to get us to take one before.

So she mentioned having a very special gift for our housewarming and how she was hoping I would take care of it.

I asked her if it was a family portrait, she was confused what would matter? So I told her, my husband had been clear and she wasn't going to get it around me.

And in fact, if she gives one it will be returned to her.

She told me, it's incredibly rude to reject a gift and even ruder to reject one before it has been given, but I feel that it's rude to use a gift as a way to get your own way in someone else's house.

Am I the a-hole though not today home seems like you have clearly communicated to mother-in-law that the new family portrait could make your husband uncomfortable.

Slash if that truly is the gift, it seems to be more for the mother loss, happiness than your family exactly this isn't, a gift for opie and her husband.

This is a gift from mother-in-law for mother-in-law.

It is an obligation to obey her husband.

They don't gift someone an obligation, motherlies selfish.

If that was the gift, if that wasn't the gift her reaction would have made that clear not today home, not they hope, but I probably would have handled it differently.

If she gave you the gift at housewarming, I would have addressed it then possibly after then and returned it to her and your husband returned it to her no need to steer up trouble before it appears probably more effective to return it after with a polite note from her son that while the picture may represent her rather happiest to him, it represents the worst part of his childhood, and he would rather not have such a blatant reminder of that staring him in the face in his own home 24, or just put it in storage or something.

And when mother-in-law asks about what isn't in prominent display, tell her the truth, then everyone sucks here you.

And your husband are entitled to have whatever pictures you want in your home.

But his attitude sucks, happy couples don't just wake up one day and say, hey, let's, get divorced the fact that your husband and his brother see it.

This way tells me that your in-laws put a lot of work into putting on a good front for his kids until they just couldn't, take it anymore.

It's one thing for a little kid who wants his mom and daddy together.

But your husband is old enough to know how adults relationships work and should be glad his parents are happy.

Now I can't imagine how hurtful your husband's immature attitude is to your mother-in-law that she isn't allowed to be really happy.

You suck for starting a fight over something that hasn't even happened when you could have just put a picture if that's even what she gives you in a closet, your mother-in-law sucks, a little for wanting to push something onto you, because it sounds like you probably are getting this picture, but I'm giving her a little bit of a pass since she's had to put up with her son's poor attitude for 20 years.

My husband is glad they're happy.

Now he is happy for his parents, but he wasn't happy at the same pace.

They were their happiest memories are being of their second marriages with their blended family.

But my husband and his brother's happy memories are off when their family was together, and they thought things were perfect.

Now for the last story, am, I the hall for flipping out over expensive dog food.

I have a two year old corgi named lila.

She is perfectly healthy and was perfectly content with the dog food.

I have always purchased her my boyfriend, dogs hats for me, because I had to go on a week-long business trip to dubai.

But the trip ended up getting extended by three days due to flight delays and cancellations, following a pretty nasty storm, keep in mind that I buy the giant bag, 50 pounds of dog food.

And it literally lasts damn near a month.

This bag of food costs me roughly 40 dollars, depending on which store I go to and all that that recommended brand not cheap of brand.

The only reason I get it that cheap is with my discount because they sell it at her groomers.

When I get home, I notice that my dog has put on a bit of weight, not enough to be concerning, but her belly is definitely pudgier when I get to my kitchen pantry.

I notice that her 50 pound bag of food is untouched.

And besides, it is a 25 pound bag of organic steak and chicken, something rather bag of food with a tag of 79.99 still on it.

He purchased it with the money left him for her in case of emergencies.

We have porcupines that roam my yard.

So I was thinking emergency vet situation, not emergency.

She needs better food.

Apparently when I was gone, my boyfriend's mother came by not in common and basically told him the food I had been feeding her is crap and convinced him to switch over to this expensive brand not only that.

But she also started feeding my dog, literally cut up meat like stuck steak chunks or chicken chunks into my dog's bowl.

Since I have been home.

My pup has outright refused to touch the food.

She has eaten her entire life.

But now she has even started trying to get up on the table when I'm preparing meals to try and get the human food.

A habit I broke her nearly a year and a half ago to say, I'm, absolutely freaking livid would be an understatement, the 40 bag.

I buy her is still a stretch due to my financial state, just one through a budget cut and property tax increase of 9.8 percent.

So I flipped out I only flipped when my boyfriend's mom came over, admittedly, rummaging through her purse and grabbing steak bits that she brought over from a dog.

I've always been clear and no table.

Scraps always the dog food was just the icing on the cake.

And I flipped now I look absolutely crazy and have been deemed.



Am I the a-hole not today hall, your boyfriend and his mother, completely overstepped by changing your dog's food without your knowledge or concern, and they stomped all over your boundaries by giving your dog table.

Scraps agreed, personally, if I were an opi's shoes endangering, the health of my pet like this would be grounds for an immediate dumping the fact that it bends so easily to his mom's, whims, isn't, helping his case, either 100, I'm a dog sitter, and I would never change or add any food items without explicit permission.

Boyfriend is damn lucky that dog wasn't allergic to any ingredients in the new diet.

Not to mention, you shouldn't just switch diets.

It needs to be done gradually plus adding in the table.

Scraps, oh, hell.

No boyfriend's.

Mom would not be allowed in my home, maybe not boyfriend either.

There may be some apologizing real.

Apologies with acknowledgments of what was wrong and clear boundary setting with his mom may earn his place back not today, home and don't worry about your pup, starving put down her food, and she will eventually get hungry enough to eat.

Even if it takes a few days, she'll be fine, really, I'd use the expensive stuff as a mix and until it's gone just so it doesn't go to waste not today home, wait until you have children with his mother-in-law she's, a special person that's.

What I was thinking, this is a future grandma that doesn't give a damn.

What mom wants for the kids, any dad will do whatever his mommy wants him to you.

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