COLLEGE APARTMENT SHOPPING 2021 VLOG// Home Goods, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Meijer + more (2023)


Time goes by so fast! I can’t believe I’m shopping for my first apartment. Come with me as I shop for kitchen, cleaning, decor and more! This process is always stressful yet so exciting. I can’t wait for the new school year! I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as I had making it.
xoxo Ivy 😊


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You guys it is that time of the year it's august, which means back to school, even though I'm like 14 days late.

But anyway, in this video it's gonna be an apartment shopping vlog.

My name is ivy.

I go to the university of illinois at urbana champaign.

And this whole process has been stressful tedious, exciting all of the above to be honest.

And so if you guys really enjoy this process and everything make sure to give this video, a thumbs up subscribe down below and stay tuned for my sheen haul as well as my apartment haul, which should be up this week anyway on to the video.


So currently we're gonna go into dollar tree because the dollar tree in like the city near me, which is not where I live, but it's like fully stocked with like organizing stuff.

So I'm gonna check out there and see if they still have like organizing bins because they're really good.


So I did my shopping at dollar tree.

I just bought like cleaning supplies and for the bathroom the kitchen, which is like the cheapest there.

And now I'm gonna head over to myers and buy more like apartment stuff dealing with the kitchen more so like my room, because I need like a shower rod for like my closet and that and so I'll be doing that shopping here.

Okay, you guys.

I just finished shopping at myers.

I bought a lot of food because it was on sale.

I also bought a shower curtain more bathroom stuff.

And now I'm on the hunt for a mat in the living room.

And also in the kitchen, just for like safety purposes and a mat in the living room for like when my feet are dirty and well, the shoes and also I'm on the hunt for a bedding.

The bedding is going to be white.

And if you hear my mom she's chewing chips right now, because they got hungry.

So we bought a bag of leis because it's been a lot of shopping.


So I also forgot to mention how I'm doing the shopping trip and it's actually all in my notebook.

And I made a list for everything and a car is parking in front of me.

Oh my, gosh.

But okay, so the list consists of like kitchenware, cleaning supplies, bathroom, living room laundry.

And then when I pack, I also have to like list out what I'm packing as in like clothes and shoes.

So here, for example, I have shirts, and it says going out professional and t-shirts.

And then it says, shorts.

And then I have my nike ones and my jeans, which I don't know, jean shorts.

And then skirts my jeans, the open ones, the skinny ones, the black ones, the leggings and the joggers.

So as you can see it's a lot, and I am like overwhelmed a bit because it's a lot of packing, especially since I'm moving into a dorm, not a dorm an apartment.

I also mapped out my room for my apartment.

And when I do this, I actually want to like I'm not going to show you guys because obviously I'm going to show you guys later on.

But I mapped it all out.

The colors I'll show, you guys the color scheme.

So this is the color that I'm going for so it's like all colorful.

I have a pink purple orange green, blue and yellow.

Last year I just focused on pink and now it's a bit overwhelming again because it's a lot of colors, and I have to like coordinate them, which I'm really good at, and it is exciting to do.

So I just wanted to show you guys that okay.

So update I went to ross marshall's and home goods to find the comforter.

I found it.

And then I had to buy two sets of like, uh sheets bed sheets for the bed because I'm, no longer gonna be sleeping on a twin xl bed, but I'm gonna be sleeping on a full size bed.

So that's, why I had to buy new sheets and they're, pretty cute I'll show.

You guys later, I'll make a hug for it, but it's currently like, seven ish.

And I think I'm gonna call it a day for today, because we did so much without so much food so much progress on like my apartment shopping.

Because before this, I didn't have anything planned.

And then literally last night, I planned everything when I needed.

So I think we're gonna pause for today and I'll, just update you guys in the next clip.

Okay, so it's currently day, two of shopping for like apartment stuff.

And I purchased this one yesterday, which is a white comforter from I think it's called home goods.

Yeah, I bought it from home goods.

It was super cheap.

It was like 35, but it doesn't come with the pillows.

My camera swelling.

And so I really need to find another comforter because this one, obviously I don't like it, because it doesn't have the pillow.

So currently I'm gonna go into bed bath and beyond.

And if that doesn't work out I'm gonna go to target, because I do have to return this swimsuit that I never wore so let's.

Go do that.


So since bed bath and neon seems like they only have like the ugg comforter, which is gonna be too like hot warm for like my apartment because, uh, blankets are super thick.

I don't want that so we're just gonna go back to home goods and hope that the other comforter that I didn't chose is still there, because if it's not there, then I don't know what to do? Okay, you guys.

So ignore that little thing, it's like.

Okay, okay, so I don't know which one to choose this one's, this one it's three pieces, which is good, because the other ones weren't, three pieces and so that's.

What I need because I need the shams.

And my mom went away with this other one, but there isn't that much to choose from so I'll, update you guys on which one I choose because they're all pretty but they're really they're like above the budget that I want to spend so okay.

So this is the one that I wanted to get it kind of has like ruffles.

I don't know, if you guys can tell, and then it has like little bows, which is super cute, and it comes with the two shams.


So we officially bought the comforter it's, really cute.

I bought a queen.


My bed is a full one, but I just decided to purchase a full queen, one, instead, okay.

So now we're gonna head over to target, because like I told you guys, I need to return that swimsuit because it's just no no, no.

Thank you.

And I need to buy like clorox wise with just like more cleaning stuff, mainly the clorox wipes because there's always like a sale at target and they're, super cheap, like for a pack of like four or five, totally recommend.


So I need a broom.

And I think I'm just gonna take this one because it's super cheap.

And I think it's only ten dollars.

And it comes with the dustpan as well.

So that's, a plus okay.

So we currently made it to walmart.

I'm just gonna buy a last few things here, I'm, mainly gonna focus on my hot sauce.

Because if I don't have my hot sauce like I can't and then probably other like facial things and school supplies as well, because I just need notebooks because everything else like I literally do not need it it's currently around 10, we barely made it.

And because the store closes at 10, but it seems like I got everything.

And if I do need something I'll probably just go, buy it and go get it from the store.

So I'll, probably update you guys later with the haul if it's not this video is gonna be in another video.

So I hope you really liked it and enjoyed this process, which kind of seems stressful and this lighting's horrible bye.

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